Thursday, August 26, 2010

David Stark Design purely paper flower Shoppe

THE (purely paper) FLOWER SHOPPE from David Stark Design & Production on Vimeo.

This inspires me to the core...Oh my Goodness!!!!

I am a twig that bends...but does not break

When I was younger, in school, I was always frustrated that my friends had one thing that they were exceptional at. Whether it be in acting, sports, name it... everyone else had something that they excelled at but me, at least it seemed... I saw myself as not able to succeed in any one thing. It frustrated me at the time. It's kind of funny how the world is wired so that we believe we must pick that one special job /career choice for the rest of our lives and make a bee-line toward it.

My point is, that many of my collegues had a very strong indication of their career path early on whereas I seemed to have been pulled in many directions without a lighted runway to lead me.
Believe me I took many aptitude tests to try to pinpoint my likes and dislikes and that only made matters more muddled for me..." Yes. I did like this and not that. Yes, I was skilled in this and could do that," didn't really narrow anything down for me and just pointed out that I did many things marginally well...sigh...

I judged myself harshly then, but I realize it has been my strength...I can now appreciate that it's a skill that has served me well over the years...I can roll with the punches, I can change gears, look at the world from different angles and consider all the possibilities.

I am the twig that blows in the wind and bends but does not break...I am a surviver ! I have grown and changed into a living, loving happy human being and that's good...very-very good!~~~

These beautiful wild dogwood trees were found along the Mt. Hood National Forest this Spring...while I was traveling to Portland from Central Oregon.  
They were growing wild along the highways and in the campgrounds...and they were just amazing!