Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I really hope everyone had a beautiful Holiday and warm and wonderful season of celebrations!
We are just getting back to much of our normal routines around here...much to my delight.

On poppytalk I found an article about some incredible art by Lauren sort of reminded me of the post I shared  here about the site dear photograph...If you missed that be sure to go back and catch up on that too 8)
(also check out those feathers, aren't they just so cool!!)

If you have always been interested like me, or have ever just had an appreciation for beautiful things, I think you will find looking at this process and transformation interesting... 
This beautiful poster has been designed with only typeface and has turned out so elegant...see for yourself

to see more click here

Every once in a while I run across an illustrator that I can't get enough and Sarah McNeil is just one of those people...

her art stirs up all kinds of playful muse possibilities for me...

Hoping you are having a wonderful week XXOO