Tuesday, December 14, 2010

23 year Anniversary and The greatest ideas from Blogland...

My Hubby and I celebrated our 23 yr. Anniversary on Sunday. He gave me a sweet heart necklace that I really loved, took me out to dinner and a movie while my daughter watched the boys for us...you know, I'm glad he's the one I get to share my life with :)

We've been in our home just over a year now and last year I baked cookies and took them around to our neighbors at Christmas time. It was so fun and we got such a warm happy response that I will be doing it again this year. The Melted Snowman recipe below is one I came across that made me chuckle and that I want to bake for the families with young kids on my block. I can't wait to make them...


Another Super cool find to check out in Blog-o-sphere land

http://www.artwallonline.com/about/     Art Wall Online is a virtual display space created to exhibit the artwork of independent artists. The pieces are showcased in the form of an “Art Wall,” — an arrangement of artwork placed on a virtual wall. Each one is curated by proprietor Katie Stephenson. Everything is either made by hand or is a print of handmade work and is priced between $5 and $500. Art Wall is not a shop, but a curated gallery. 

What a fun idea...XXOO!


  1. Congrats for your anniversary. YOur husband seems a very romantic one! and the snowman..... sweetttttttt! love it!

  2. congratulations on your anniversary..wow 23 years together is something pretty impressive to find these day!
    gorgeous blog by the way.

  3. Thank you colores and yes he is romantic at times :)

    Lila Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Your photos are quite beautiful! I'll have to check them out again sometime :)


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