Sunday, September 18, 2011

Color makes the world a little more, well, colorful!

I love the concept behind this...
when I see my concept of color, do you see the same color as I do?
A girl is interviewed who only sees only in black &! So thankful for my colorful world, counting my blessings 8)

People with beautiful eyes and skin combinations-youtube

Amazing to see all of the beautiful combinations of people in the world...fascinating to watch!!!

All photos taken at my MIL's home in Bandon  OR

This is a fun test to take...I actually took it twice and the first time I took it I scored a 3, the second time a 4. If you take it, please post your results so I can see how you did and if you liked the test as much as I did!!!


  1. What wonderful flower photos!

    Amber, thanks for having left a comment on my blog a while ago -- so very much appreciated.

    Maybe you want to check out my Oktoberfest giveaway . It would be nice to welcome you back to my blog.

    Greetings from Munich, Germany,

  2. Hello Birgit...thanks for stopping by! Your blog is wonderful and I am off to see it again now!


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