Thursday, September 9, 2010

camping...goodbye to Summer

This is the life!

Our palace by the lake
Bald Eagle stopping by our campsite

inside tent roof 
So we we finally got in a tent camping trip before the close of summer...the daytime temps were sunny and warm but the nights, oh the nights nearly froze your nose right off.   It was at an altitude of 6600 ft...listening to hoot owls at night at getting to spot a bald eagle during the day...way cool!

We hadn't been tent camping in a while...and
I forgot how much I had grown to appreciate the conveniences of civilized not having to ration water and washing my hands where-ever and when-ever I time I will be packing an x-tra large bottle of hand sanitizer!!!
Also can't forget about the basic necessity of flush toilets ( a given on any womans list,)  and not having to check to see if there are any critters in the corners before tinkling...(My daughter found a mouse scurrying around and I found a huge spider... eeew!)  what I can say, I will never underestimate this again.

But all in all the good outweighed the bad by far...

I just loved having the sky so crystal clear at night that it looked like a bizzillion stars showed up to toast marshmallows with us and tell campfire stories. So after all it was a great send off to the last few beautiful days that Summer offered...
So we were we packed up and headed home with a smile and glad to be back home...Then the boys started school and the rains began...Hello Fall!

Over at designing dna they have a delightful post about Gypsy caravans that you just can't miss...Go check it that's what I call camping!

gypsy caravans


  1. Beautiful photos, Amber...must have been amazing! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog~ I've enjoyed my visit to yours and am looking forward to reading more...I am a new follower!

  2. Linda Welcome! So glad you are here :.) Thanks for following and I hope you enjoy your visits!


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