Thursday, September 30, 2010

DIY inspiration and fun links for fall

I always love to find new, fun DIY sites to peruse and I will try to share with you the ones I think are worth sharing...These pom pom flowers I found delightful! Not sure when I'll be making them but  I especially loved the idea of using them as package

Also Sweet Paul has just released his Fall Issue  which has delightful fall recipes as well as fun the page on mushroom prints and the recipe for apple butter.

Hope everyone is having a happy-sunshiny Autumn day!


  1. Hi Amber, welcome back, you were missed!!! I love pompons, and looks pretty easy!!!! I ´ll give a try!!! and Sweet Paul´s issue!!! delightfull.
    Wishing you also a happy Autumn day!!!

  2. Thank you ...for your kindness XXOO


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