Friday, October 8, 2010

a friend in need ...a friend in deed or is that indeed ??!

It seems that lately every time I want to sit down at the computer and have a little "me" time, I am interrupted by something, or one of the kids needs my attention...admittedly I often times like a little distraction, but when I am wanting to have a little time to put my thoughts together I like to be left to my own...So hopefully with no further ado, I can finally post what I had planned sharing a few days ago...
First hit my Facebook link above to watch the turtle video that I posted on my FB page... I think it's less than 2 min. long and then come right back~I'll wait for you... OK, are you back?

As I posted that amazing video, I wondered at how often I was like the turtle who was there to lend a helping hand (or in this case a flipper LOL) to her friend and give her a push...
On the other hand, I asked myself how many times I ended up like the turtle on her back that needed the help of a friend , who sometimes gets herself into a jam and can't find the proper way out of it on her own...and who needed that little push from a kind friend to get back on her feet.
I truly strive to be the type of person who more often is the one who offers to help than the one who is stranded and needs the help...
As I continued to watch  and wonder at the simplicity yet the magnitude of such a simple act of helping a friend in reminded me of "pay it forward"...I just love that idea!!!
Here's to having a great day... Wishing you well!

I have been working on my new Etsy shoppe and hope to have that up and running soon...I will give you updates and keep you posted.


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