Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cheery pink cherry blossoms

I had my mind set on sharing cherry blossoms with you today...but you'll have to make do with a pix of my cherry blossoms from last year because we had a rather freakish wind storm that blew all the current blossoms right off the tree...
WhOOsh in an instant and with camera in hand, they were gone before my eyes, skipping off down the road and escaping over the fence much like the neighbors cat! Hrumph!

Well anyhow...without any further ado...

These blossoms are so pretty in the back corner of our yard/garden. I love it when they bloom every Spring and besides they are so pink and pretty they just make the corner so cheery and bright!

I added a really cool texture layer called "stained linen" from one of Kim Klassen's textures
This week on Texture Tuesday our theme was 'garden'...
Go check out some of the other beautiful photos linked there as well...8]

Hope you are having a super-duper cheery day!


  1. very beautiful!! when i lived in Japan the cherry blossoms would put ours to shame!! that is saying something about theirs because ours are so pretty!!
    great job and thanks for sharing even though they are last years!

  2. really pretty shot itself! great editing as well!

  3. The stained linen texture works beautifully on this fabulous pink photo! Greetings back to you from NE Oregon. ;-)

  4. i love these blossoms amber. too bad the wind blew them away but at least you got a photo of it!

  5. Oh, how pretty! All the flowers blew off my crabapple tree too. So sad...I waited and waited for them to bloom and between the rain and the wind they were gone in a flash.

  6. Thank you all so much for taking the time to stop in and leave such nice comments! They all are appreciated...

  7. This is realy amazing ! What a joy !


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