Tuesday, June 21, 2011

from 4th grade to young man before my eyes

 I can't even believe that my two boys are out of school for the Summer already!
My youngest has been growing taller, stronger and wiser right before my eyes...those are sure signs of growing into a young man I would say.

But he's my baby, I argue to myself...' I am supposed to let him grow up and find his own way in the world', I argue back.

But It's my job to protect him, I worry...'but he will never learn unless he is allowed to make choices while he is young and while I am close to guide him and help him if he fails' I reason...

He is my last child~ my baby and as hard as I try to hang tight I feel my concerns ease as he watches the evening news and understands what is happening in the World...

I feel my concerns ease as we talked about the birds and bees and he didn't giggle at the names of  body parts {I did though, oops}...

I feel my concerns ease as he was picked to be in the TAG (talented and gifted) program at school and received superior test results throughout the year...OK I'm bragging here but I am proud of this guy!...

I know he only graduated the 4th grade but his teacher wrote in his yearbook that she expected to see his name again someday attached to something great...he's just that kind of kid!

For the above photo I used two of Kim's textures "silence" and "grannys cupboard"...

Hope you are enjoying your first day of Summer!XXOO


  1. Sounds like a great kid! Lovely subtle texture and great capture!

  2. Thank you so much for you lovely comments!


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