Thursday, June 23, 2011

The opera and altered books... Thursday:the senses -hearing and seeing

I took my Hubby to the Opera for his 50th Birthday last night to see

and it was fabulous!
It was an encore presentation live broadcast in a theater setting and it was Fantistic-o!

I would highly recommend that this is the way to go if you are even slightly hesitant about your first experience with the opera. I have gone to the Opera before and I will say that personally I enjoyed it far better in this setting because there were sub-titles to refer to and I was able to follow what was being said/sung about!
Not to mention you get a close up on the beautiful costumes and set designs!

 It was fun and different and not being sure if my Hubby would be happy with his present, it turned out to be a memorable night...

This is the coolest video about Brian Dettmer and his love for books as on this link and see what I mean...

He is an  altered book  and mixed-media artist who literally slices into vintage books and creates masterpieces out of the layers...

Hoping you find happy thoughts sprinkled throughout your day!

find more books  here

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