Thursday, July 28, 2011

She is a friend of mine...and getting waxed

Sometimes I know, after building someone up in your mind after only having an internet friendship and then finally getting to meet face to face is slightly strange or unexpected.

Their voice is unfamiliar...well, what were you expecting, you question yourself? I don't know, I guess the same voice in my head that reads all of the online script and text...silly , I know.

And when you finally get to meet in person,what do they look like?...a little taller?thinner? I online photos you only get pieces of people like a jigsaw, and your mind puts them together how it wants...You recognize the smile but in a face to face meeting you get the added benefit of  a hug!

Sue Simpson, myself and Crystal Neubaur
 So without further ado, I had the incredible pleasure of meeting some beautiful and talented artists at the Encaustic camp recently and Crystal Neubauer...she was who I, in particular, traveled from Central Oregon to Salem, Oregon to meet in person....she is a friend of mine...

When I heard  Crystal was going to be here in Oregon from her usual dwellings on the shores of Illinois, I jumped at the chance of meeting this very special friend face to face, after knowing her through my internet art groups...

It was a wonderful meeting her and spending time...and as a bonus I got to meet Sue Simpson as well, who was also in the same art group from many years ago...

And although this year I wasn't able to be at the Encaustic Camp it looked so inviting and full of creative energy I will be planning on being there next year...Crystal was one of the teachers and has a nice write up about it here.

I also got to meet these delightful and talented ladies...
Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch well as a few more I didn't get snaps of! Quite a treat for me to say the least! 
I even got to try my hand at encaustics and I I think I'm hooked...I
 love layering, colors and textures so I am thinking encaustics is an art form that is here to stay with me!

Mary Beth Shaw


  1. Awe, you are so sweet!! Can't wait to see you again and maybe hang out for awhile.

  2. I think that sounds like a perfectly wonderful plan to me Mary Beth!I would love that 8)


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