Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I never stop being amazed...

I never stop being inspired by all the talented bloggers and artists in the just amazes me...
You stumble upon artists like Susanna Bauer and I know I will never look at rocks or leaves the same again...

Then you have the blog Upon a Fold that recently featured the beautiful sport-coat tulip...uh, that's a big Wow to the design fairies!!!Spectacular presentation...

...and last but not least was inspired and amazed this week by Christisn Faur...This will blow your socks off, well it did mine anyway...


Since childhood, Christian Faur found pleasure in opening a new box of crayons, all neatly stacked with their colourful tips and the distinct smell of wax. Unlike most other children, Faure never got over crayons.
Today this artist from Granville, Tennessee copies photos by stacking different coloured crayons in sequence and enclosing them in a wooden frame. He starts by scanning a photo and breaking the image down into smaller colour blocks.
From close up, you only see the seemingly random crayons, but from farther away the result is truly awe inspiring.

I hope this inspires you to look at things from different design perspectives and find potential even in the familiar and often overlooked items! Have a creative day XXOO


  1. These are awesome! I am swooning over the patched leaf. : ) Inspiring indeed!!!

  2. Kerin I agree the leaf caught my attention also! Thanks for stopping by 8)


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