Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goal setting and go getting in 2011

picnik collage of winter weather
So here I am again. The New Year has begun and for some crazy reason I have been stressing about getting all things that were considered at loose ends in my life ( I guarantee it is a lot) all tied up in neat little packages.
 So I thought it might do me some good to just share them with you as sort of goal setting to begin the New Year and see where this year takes me... 

Art: focus on narrowing down what I really want to create...and do it! (re-visit this again at a later date) 
Work/business:  got my business license as a florist...taken a sabbatical from working outside the home and
opened my Etsy shop
Home: finish organizing household goods and purging unwanted items...try to delegate better (ha)
Personal: Get back on my health routine...take a deep breath and enjoy the journey :)

OK so there it is...I do feel a little better...thanks for letting me share :)
Happiness always!


  1. Welcome back! nice to hear from you! you were missed !!! If I can support you with your resolutions.... here I am!! kisses

  2. Colores, thank you for your kind support and friendly encouragement! XO


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