Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tor Weeks odd animals

amazing art...odd-animals a series by Tor Weeks

I would say we are a pretty creative family...For fun, when the kids were smaller, my children and I would play a game of what kinds of animals would you create into new creature combinations??
Depending on my childrens age at the time the creatures would turn out horrifying or beautiful...death-defying or delightful.
The designer Tor Weeks has brought back some vivid memories for me of some of those very delightful moments that are gone much too quickly.  Click on her link above and you will see more of her imagined beauties!

One cool thing about the internet is that it lets us get a glimpse into what other artist and designers are creating where previously we would have to travel the distance in person to see their work or read about it in library books...I find it fascinating that there are so many creative and talented people in this wonderful world we live in!

BTW  I am recovering from gall bladder surgery...yep they finally figured out what was wrong with me! Should be feeling better soon :)

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