Wednesday, January 26, 2011

find me here...pinterest interest!

As you might have guessed by now, one of my self imposed missions is to direct my readers to unusual and cool things...

...have you discovered pinterest yet?
It is a fantastic website that allows you to pin all your favourite inspirational images and organise your thoughts into virtual pinboards, where you can post collections of things you love, and “follow” collections created by people with great taste.
Pinterest is a great place to store all the delightful images in an easy to view format!
...if you’re (p)interested, you can follow all my pins here :)
Pinterest is where I spend a lot of my down time just cruzin' and perusing.

Hope you are all loving your mid-week!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tor Weeks odd animals

amazing art...odd-animals a series by Tor Weeks

I would say we are a pretty creative family...For fun, when the kids were smaller, my children and I would play a game of what kinds of animals would you create into new creature combinations??
Depending on my childrens age at the time the creatures would turn out horrifying or beautiful...death-defying or delightful.
The designer Tor Weeks has brought back some vivid memories for me of some of those very delightful moments that are gone much too quickly.  Click on her link above and you will see more of her imagined beauties!

One cool thing about the internet is that it lets us get a glimpse into what other artist and designers are creating where previously we would have to travel the distance in person to see their work or read about it in library books...I find it fascinating that there are so many creative and talented people in this wonderful world we live in!

BTW  I am recovering from gall bladder surgery...yep they finally figured out what was wrong with me! Should be feeling better soon :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

vintage baby baby book

While I was doing more cleaning yesterday, I happened on a box in the garage that had some of my Mother's belongings in it.  She has passed away almost two years ago and there were a few things that I brought home from her house that I still hadn't gone through.
Not sure what was inside when I opened the box, I found my baby book and first baby booties (above). They are pink velvet and I am very surprised to see that the button eyes survived my baby-hood. I noticed though that I probably couldn't resist the pom-pom nose on the bootie on the right though! (grin)...

The most fascinating thing I found though was my Mom's Antique Autograph book from 1946, 

 I am amazed at all the preserved pieces of history between the pages of this book...I'll show you more of what is inside when I can get it photographed.
Hope your weekend was delightful...Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goal setting and go getting in 2011

picnik collage of winter weather
So here I am again. The New Year has begun and for some crazy reason I have been stressing about getting all things that were considered at loose ends in my life ( I guarantee it is a lot) all tied up in neat little packages.
 So I thought it might do me some good to just share them with you as sort of goal setting to begin the New Year and see where this year takes me... 

Art: focus on narrowing down what I really want to create...and do it! (re-visit this again at a later date) 
Work/business:  got my business license as a florist...taken a sabbatical from working outside the home and
opened my Etsy shop
Home: finish organizing household goods and purging unwanted items...try to delegate better (ha)
Personal: Get back on my health routine...take a deep breath and enjoy the journey :)

OK so there it is...I do feel a little better...thanks for letting me share :)
Happiness always!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Out with the with the new

I have been lost in the chaos of cleaning out my closets...It struck me that they needed re-organized and what better time than the New Year to make that happen . 
In truth, I am still trying to make adjustments from our move over a year ago to try to make everything have the most convenient, happy, logical, labeled permanent home.  I feel really good about purging the unused Christmas things and re-organizing the cold weather gear, re-inventorying cupboards and putting up much needed shelving.  I still have some painting to do and of course the garage needs to be re-stacked and labeled, but over all I am encouraged by my progress.

What are your projects in the new year??? I would love for you to share :) 

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011...please come in and make yourself at home...

Will you enter in gently, dear 2011?...let us get used to you, get to know your name and shake your hand?...

Or will you push your way in?...
demanding our attention and force yourself upon us like an unwanted flu bug?

I've made my peace with 2010...with it's struggles and surprises...its blessings and burdens. I am ready to welcome 2011 and throw the door wide open in anticipation of what this new guest will bring.
What about you?